Scottish Murders now has a Patreon Page

Scottish Murders now has a Patreon, page.

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September's Theme

Scottish Murders is back from having a fantastic holiday in Scotland!!!

September’s theme will be Bible John.

Part one, available on 6th September, will cover the murders of Patricia Docker, Jemima McDonald and Helen Puttock and the subsequent investigations.

Part two, available on 20th September, will delve into the multiple opinions and theories surrounding the infamous Bible John and who he may have been.

Not Guilty by Association

JENGbA, launches bill campaign to allow hundreds of prisoners convicted under the joint enterprise law to have their appeals heard.


Women Being Imprisoned

Women are being imprisoned for life for violent crimes they did not commit.

A study, carried out by Manchester Metropolitan University, unearthed new evidence revealing at least 109 women have been sentenced to long or even life prison sentences under laws called joint enterprise.

Joint enterprise is where several people to be charged with the same offence, even though they may have played very different roles in the crime.


Writing Our Space

Jimmy Boyle, a gay man who has suffered the trauma and the stigma of wrongful conviction and imprisonment, and who continues to suffer, daily, the suffocating limitations to recovery and restitution, imposed on his life by the institutions of state, has had two examples of his work, ‘Torn’ and ‘For You, and John Clare’, published in Writing Our Space an anthology of expression which appears under the imprint of Arkbound, a charity book publisher.





Stand Against Injustice

Read Stand Against Injustice by Michelle Diskin Bates, a valued friend and supporter of MOJO.




Find out more about Helen's Law - Killers who withhold information on their victims could spend longer behind bars and watch the second series of Conviction aired on BBC2 episode titled Murder in Suburbia, which follows the case of Glyn Razzell, who was convicted of murdering his estranged wife in 2003.


Find out more about Suzanne's Law - a Scottish Government proposal that parole be denied to prisoners convicted of murder who fail to disclose the location of a victim’s body. Named Suzanne’s Law in memory of Suzanne Pilley, who’s partner David Gilroy was convicted of killing Suzanne in 2010.




Wrongly Convicted

Read Michael O’Brien’s book The Death of Justice. Michael is one of the Cardiff Newsagent Three who was wrongly convicted of murder.



The current criminal justice system is “outrageous”. We have gone backwards. It’s disgraceful. We are calling ourselves a civilised society, and yet we don’t compensate people for when the state makes mistakes, and that’s not fair. And it’s not what most people I think would recognise as being fair.” by Glyn Maddocks QC, a longstanding Criminal Appeal Solicitor

Miscarriages of Justice Organisation


Listen to the podcast series Body of Proof, where it examines the case of David Gilroy, a client of MOJO who is currently serving a life sentence for murder.