Decrease in compensation to victims of miscarriage of justice continues to drop;

In 2013/2014, 45 applications were received, five were approved and pay out was £3.5million.

In 2019/2020 98 applications were received, three were approved and pay out was £10,000.

By March 2021, 80 applications had been received, all were refused, and there were no pay outs.

Miscarriages of Justice Organisation


Exoneration at appeal is not sufficient to merit recognition as a victim of miscarriage of justice.

Miscarriages of Justice Organisation


Victims of miscarriages of justice receive no compensation, unless they are amongst the few who can actually prove their innocence beyond a reasonable doubt, and therefore most continue to suffer as that is a really high threshold.

Miscarriages of Justice Organisation

Not Proven Verdict

Scotland’s Not Proven verdict leaves innocent people open to “smears and monstering”, leading to many calls for the Not Proven verdict to be scrapped.

Jim Boyle spent five years in jail for a crime he did not commit but despite having his conviction quashed and being cleared in court, he has found people view the Not Proven verdict as ‘nearly convicted’

Miscarriages of Justice Organisation

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Victims who are released suddenly from prison without any slow process, have severe and long standing mental health problems as well as a deterioration in their physical health. Miscarriages of Justice Organisation


Law students volunteering at MOJO gain hands on experience, as well as raising their awareness of systemic weaknesses they wouldn’t otherwise encounter

Voluntary Workers

Voluntary workers at MOJO “Encounter daily, the devastating consequences suffered by innocent victims” of the criminal justice system.


The MOJO team consists of people who give up their time and expertise on a voluntary basis, which includes qualified lawyers, qualified criminologists and law students.

Successful appeal

Individuals who achieve a successful appeal or on completion of their sentence, commonly suffer from severe post traumatic stress disorder, as well as receive wholly inadequate or non-existent support from the state. Miscarriages of Justice Organisation

MOJO's Support

MOJO supports people by providing aftercare support, legal support, education and by campaigning.