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Scottish Murders is a fortnightly podcast dedicated to solved and unsolved murders carried out in Scotland or murders of Scottish people, and is hosted by Dawn, and occasionally Cole, Dawn's sister. Be more aware of Scottish Murders.

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The Shorts – Josephine Ogilvie

59 year old Sister Josephine was so kind and well thought of in the community, so why would anyone want to attack her so severely that the injuries she sustained resembled those seen in traffic accident victims. 

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The Shorts – Pauline McIver

Six year old Pauline McIver would never have expected that going to play at her friend’s house would have such a shocking outcome.

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The Shorts – Kazi Ahmad

Restaurant owner Kazi Ahmad was on his way home a happy man having winning at the local casino, however, Kazi’s luck was just about to run out.

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The Shorts – Andrea Hedger

TRIGGER WARNING - This episode talks about crimes against children, so listener discretion is advised.
Ten year old Andrea Hedger left her family home to walk the short distance to her school, but she never arrived.

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Scottish Collaboration – Ghost Hunt

Scottish Collaboration Presents
A ghost hunt with Stefanie from Scottish & Scared and The Scottish Ghost Company at Bannockburn House

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Great Storytelling
The hosts are thorough and set the scene so well - brilliant storytellers!
Destined for greatness
Just perfect. It's everything I want in a true crime podcast.
Authenticity & Detail
Dawn presents engrossing Scottish true-crime stories with her endearing accent and attention to detail. A must listen for its mysterious, obscure, and antiquated topics that keep you coming back for more. Cheers Dawn and thanks for all your hard work creating this amazing series GJZ
Love this
This podcast is fantastic. If you have a curiosity in murder and some unsolved cases, then this podcast is one to listen too! I have enjoyed listening to this podcast and found that I listened to just about everyone of them. They do a lot of research into the cases that they cover, which makes you want to learn more about the cases.
International - sign me up!
I love international cases and was so glad to find a new true crime podcast that covers some crimes and mysteries that I’ve never heard of. Dawn & Cole are fabulous, the stories are easy to follow and their voices are wonderful. I hope they’ll start finding new listeners popping up here in the states and from all over because I can tell they put a great deal of effort into the show.
Really good