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Scottish Murders is an award shortlisted victim focused podcast, dedicated to solved and unsolved murders carried out on people from or living in Scotland, and is hosted by Dawn, and occasionally Dawn's sister, Cole.

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Takeover Episode – Book of the Dead Podcast

Part 1 :
When people hear the name Andrew Cunanan, most people think of the murder of Gianni Versace, but Gianni was not Andrew's only victim. In Part 1 we discuss Andrew's life growing up, and some key players in this horrific case. Andrew Cunanan was wicked smart, charismatic, and ridiculously handsome, and he could have had it all until he threw it all away and took 5 innocent lives in the process.

Part 2:
In Part One we told you all about the life of Andrew Cunanan leading up to the murders. In Part Two, we tell you about the murders and give you some background on each one of his victims. We may never know the true motive behind why Andrew took the lives of five innocent people, but what we do know, is that they deserve to be remembered and they deserved to live their lives to the fullest, but Andrew took that away from them.

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The Peter Graham Mystery

Peter Graham was found outside a neighbour's home, collapsed on the pavement and covered in blood. But was it an accident or an attack?

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Scottish Murders and Fiends Halloween Special

TRIGGER WARNING – Spooky Episode - DO listen alone and in the dark!!!

This Halloween Special episode will feature a story by Dawn called Christian's Coven, as well as hear some personal spooky ghost stories from Scottish Murders Listeners; Tara, Gordon and Amy, and from Yvonne and David from The Scottish Ghost Company.

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Darkcast Network – Halloween Traditions and Origins

Bonus Episode from Darkcast Network Hosts
Halloween Traditions and Origins

Amber Weird True Crime Podcast

Stories by:
Decorations Gone Deadly by Ash and Jordan from Creepy Tapas
Sleepy Hollow and Yellow Fever by Jackie from Cause of Death 100 Seconds to Midnight
The Tradition behind Halloween costumes by Steph from Sinister Story Hour
Stingy Jack, Origins of Jack-o-lanterns by Keely from Misty Mysteries
Origin of Poisoned Candy Lore by Brenda from Horrifying History

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Moira Anderson

Episode One:
TRIGGER WARNING – This episode covers the subject of child abuse, so listener discretion is strongly advised.
11 year old Moira Anderson disappeared on the afternoon of Saturday the 23rd of February 1957 in a blizzard, and her case is officially unsolved. However, on a cold wintery evening, 35 years later, a tense conversation led to a startling revelation. Would this revelation provide Moira’s family with the answers they so desperately needed?

Episode Two:
TRIGGER WARNING – This episode covers the subject of child abuse, so listener discretion is strongly advised.
Sandra Brown's journey to try and get justice for Moira Anderson leads to many revelations; but would it be enough to uncover Moira's murderer?

Episode Three:
TRIGGER WARNING – This episode covers the subject of child abuse, so listener discretion is strongly advised.
Sandra Brown's journey to try and get justice for her cousins and Moira Anderson continues.

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The Paige Doherty Murder "Always well researched and well narrated in a non tabloid style ,factual and informative, humanely told without sensationalism. thank you.!
The Paige Doherty Murder Episode
"Thank you. Well told, very thoughtful."
The Michael Brown Murder Part 2 Episode
"I'm glad justice occurred. So very emotional and sad though. We think life is difficult now but really much better than those times. Thanks for sharing a very difficult story."
The Michael Brown Murder Part 2 Episode
"The way people went to visit the murder scene in great numbers back then ,and other murders before and since , we have alway had a morbid fascination for the macabre . Really well presented and narrated, these shows deserve a wider audience ,Radio Scotland ,bbc radio 4 or 5 live , would make good night time listening could be part of phone in shows. thanks."
The Michael Brown Murder Part 2 Episode
"Good informative ,well researched and narrated as always , thank you ,part 2 beckons."
Murder or Suicide? - Margaret and Nicola McDonough Episode
"Tragic horrific case , I think your narration is very professional and never becomes "tabloid" or sensational, "oh what a tangled web ......." etc , thank you ."
Murder/Suicide - At Their Feet Episode
"The 1st story, without knowing the why, is simply tragic. The 2nd story, is a head shaker! All the women who put up with men who won't work, would be happy with one who worked a night shift. But then after Owen's actions: was that just a poorly crafted story to get out of a relationship with an unstable man? We'll never know the answer to that one either..."
Murder/Suicide - At Their Feet Episode
"Speechless. I imagine there is something about the first story we'll never know."