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Scottish Murders is a fortnightly podcast dedicated to solved and unsolved murders carried out in Scotland or murders of Scottish people, and is hosted by Dawn, and occasionally Cole, Dawn's sister. Be more aware of Scottish Murders.

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Part Three The Eleanor Morton Chat – Dawn and Eleanor have a chat about the darker side of Bonnie Scotland, amongst other random things.

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Dundee Murders – 2 Roseangle

A horrific crime that began in Dundee, didn’t end in Dundee, but was there justice?

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Dundee Murders – Gordon Dunbar

James was disappointed that his brother Gordon didn’t turn up to spend Christmas Day with his family, but there was a very good reason for his absence.  

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Dundee Murders – Lynda Hunter

What began as an investigation into the disappearance of a 30 year old social worker, ultimately unveiled the truth and unravelled the intricate deceit and exploitation carried out by someone close to them.

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Love Triangles -Sanday Dunes

Relocating to a quiet and tranquil Orkney Island should have been a dream come true for Robert, Jack and Margaret, but instead turned into a nightmare.

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Love hearing cases that I'm not familiar with. Dawn and Cole do a great job sharing cases from their homeland.
WDST Podcast
I love this show so much. I enjoy learning about cases in other parts of the world, and Scotland has always held a special place in my heart. Hearing these sisters discuss a mix of lesser and more well known cases is a great addition to my podcast rotation. Highly recommend.
Had me at the accent!
I love this podcast! Dawn and Cole keep me engaged, true crime at its finest!
Scottish Murders
I love this podcast. I was delighted to find a Scottish True Crime podcast being from Glasgow myself it feels a bit more at home, the narrator is perfect her voice is lovely. I’m looking forward to catching up with every episode.
Really enjoy
A really nice podcast that takes you someplace different. Scotland is my favorite place to visit and this podcast takes me on a new and different journey to the nation. The presenter’s don’t over dramatize just present the facts. They take their task of presenting seriously and don’t over humor their way through. The voices are charming. I recommend starting at the beginning of the series. It is an excellent listen.
Dawn & Cole make this Scottish Crime podcast a fun and interesting listen. Not bad qualities considering some of the grim facts of the cases covered. I’ve started at the beginning and am making my way through. Well done!
Great listen!
As Romans 12:21 reminds us, we should overcome the evil in the world with good. Keeping the memory alive of those who have been slain is one such good, and the Scottish Murders podcast does this well. The true stories of tragic murders affecting Scots or people in Scotland are sensitively and accurately relayed, without sensationalism or disrespect. Thoroughly researched compelling storytelling!
True Stories, Artfully Presented