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Scottish Murders is a fortnightly podcast dedicated to solved and unsolved murders carried out in Scotland or murders of Scottish people, and is hosted by two Scottish sisters, Dawn and Cole. Be more aware of Scottish Murders.

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A Knock on the Door

24 year old Scott Burgess and 19 year old Laura Milne had never met each other and lived in completely different parts of Scotland, but the fates of both would be decided by a knock on a door.

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Previous Episodes

The Buccleuch Street Murders

The murders of Betty Alexander and Emily Mutch may have been separated by 44 years but they are still linked to this day as they both occurred on the same unassuming street in Glasgow, and leading to two firsts for Scotland.

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The Bradley Welsh Murder

Bradley, boxing gym owner and charity organiser, returned home from his gym, he had a brief chat with a neighbour before walking towards his flat. Just then a man appeared from nowhere and before Bradley could do anything he shot him in the head. But who would want to harm Bradley? Could the reason be rooted in his past?  

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The Scottish Witch Trials

Witches may seem to be just part of Hallowe’en but there’s more to witches than you might expect from somewhere like bonnie Scotland.

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The Lynda Spence Murder

27 year old Lynda Spence liked to live the high life; fast cars, expensive champagne, but in April 2011 her high life came to an abrupt and brutal end. 

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True Crime with great hosts? Yes, please. Scottish Murders is super enjoyable to listen to! Love your chemistry!
Jakub Flasz
Never before did I think it would be possible to fall in love with a podcast, I probably would have told you how crazy of a thought that was. But then these two angelic voiced podcast goddesses came into my life. The way they describe the murders in which they have on topic, well researched and in depth more than I could ever do myself, mixed with sweet voices and absolutely amazing accents, just makes them the best pod out there. 1,000,000,000,000 out of 5 stars, I’ll totally keep listening, these two lovely and amazing ladies have stolen my heart and are forever my newest go to for murder stories ❤️ I recommend to any, and everyone in the universe to listen to them.
Dawn & Cole bring you well thought out & respectful true crime content. You definitely want to hit download for this podcast! - #ODPHpod