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Scottish Murders is a fortnightly podcast dedicated to solved and unsolved murders carried out in Scotland or murders of Scottish people, and is hosted by Dawn, and occasionally Cole, Dawn's sister. Be more aware of Scottish Murders.

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Listener Suggestion – Goatfell

In 1889, two men on holiday on the Isle of Arran climbed Goatfell Mountain, however, only one came down alive. What actually happened on the mountain is still a mystery to this day, was it an accident or was it murder?

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Listener Suggestion – Tommy Guyan

21 year old Henry Burnett sat alone in his prison cell contemplating his death sentence. He had been so sure that he would have secured a reprieve following a petition being started, however, as the execution date got closer, he was beginning to wonder if he had judged this very wrong.

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Listener Suggestion – West Bow Saints or Sinners?

Trigger warning, in this episode there’s some strong language, mentions of suicide and executions, discussions around sexual acts regarding animals that some people may find upsetting and adult themes, so listener discretion is strongly advised.

Major Thomas Weir not only had a distinguished military career but upon his retirement and move to the prestigious West Bow area of Edinburgh, he went on to become an upstanding member of Edinburgh society, a devote presbyterian, a well-respected Christian and an enthusiastic preacher, and the people of Edinburgh and the surrounding areas looked up to him and would regularly attend his prayer and preaching meetings, with him being given the nickname of The West Bow Saint. However, all that changed in 1670 when Major Thomas Weir made a shocking confession, which quickly turned him, in the eyes of the community, from a saint to a sinner.

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More To It? – The Shaun Ritchie Disappearance

Two emergency service calls were received from a Halloween party Shaun Ritchie was at, the first asking for police to attend, the second, which was placed shortly afterwards, cancelled the request saying the police were no longer required to attend. Shaun Ritchie was reported missing two days later.

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More To It? – The Kevin McLeod Mystery

In 1997, 24 year old Kevin McLeod was found dead in Wick Harbour having suffered massive internal injuries. 25 years later the McLeod family are about to find out whether Kevin’s death would be ruled a murder or a tragic accident.

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FANTASTIC CRIME PODCAST Great voices, research and well produced
This eerie podcast had me on edge throughout! Packed full of interesting details keeping you feeling uneasy but unable to stop listening
What is…?
Excellent podcast
An excellent podcast on a fascinating subject manner. Digs deep into chilling cases down the years
Well researched podcast on lots of murders I’ve not heard of. Would recommend!
Amazing podcast & host!
Absolutely love this podcast and the host Dawn. Each case is so heavily researched, you can tell Dawn is passionate about what she’s talking about and manages to do it effortlessly and respectfully despite the sometimes dark subject matter. A must if you love true crime!
Stephanie Tyre
An excellent surprise find
I’ve only just stumbled on this podcast in the last few days and I’m so very glad I did ! It’s an absolute gem and obviously covers Scottish murders, but it’s the variety that’s exciting. I’ve barely heard of many of them, and as a True Crime fan it’s wonderful to find more niche murders that you never knew happened. It’s a great service to the victims and their families and friends to have their stories covered with such empathy and compassion, but also with only known fact’s stated instead of conjecture. It covers both recent and historical murders which is again another massive plus point. The 2 presenters are fab, funny and kind, and they’re doing a great job. Please give this a listen as it’s completely worth your time..
Dawn is awesome, as is her podcast. Please never stop. Loving the work you’re doing.
Fee :)
There’s Been A Murder…
One of the finest true crime podcasts around.
Ali Braidwood
Excellent show for Scottish true crime fans!
As a kid growing up in Scotland, there was always news of horrible murders that had taken place, and how they had come to pass. As someone who, for a while, studied what makes normal people do bad things, and being Scottish myself, this show is a great way for me to catch up on these murders, now I’m no longer in Scotland. Good stuff!
Well Infomed slice of Scottish Murder
This podcast is an absolute gem! I’m a big fan of murder and serial killer podcasts, but this Scottish focused podcast is one of my absolute favourites. Dawn is so well researched and educated in each topic she covers, that it’s wonderful to discover facts about a case you thought you knew all about. I’m from Aberdeen and Dawn’s information own the Arlene Fraser and George Murdoch cases amazed me about facts I had no idea about. A huge recommendation and the Bible John episodes are particular highlights. Fantastic Scottish intro music too!