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Scottish Murders is an award shortlisted victim focused podcast, dedicated to solved and unsolved murders carried out on people from or living in Scotland, and is hosted by Dawn, and occasionally Dawn's sister, Cole.

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Serial Victims?

Part One:
It may be the oldest profession, but it is also one of the most deadly, was a statement in an article in the Glasgow Times, after the body of an eighth sex worker in Glasgow was found, after these very vulnerable women had been working in fear for their lives for over a decade. Was there a serial killer stalking and killing these women, or were there multiple murderers walking the streets of Glasgow?

Part Two:
By February 1998, seven Glasgow sex workers had been found dead, many brutally attacked, leaving Glasgow sex workers fearing for their lives. While police continued to state that there was nothing so far linking the deaths and that a serial killer was not at work, others had begun to wonder if this was in fact the case, with one newspaper posing the question "Which is worse: One killer on the loose or perhaps as many as seven, who thus far have gotten away with murder?”
In Part Two we tell you about a further three sex workers murders, being that of Jacqueline Gallagher, Tracy Wylde and Margo Lafferty, and whether their murder inquiries would lead to anyone being convicted.

Part Three:
In Part Three we tell you about the final sex worker to be murdered in Glasgow, and we find out if Jacqueline Gallagher finally receives justice when someone is arrested and charged with her murder.

Part Four:
In the part four, the final part, of our serial victims episodes, for now, we tell you about a potential suspect in Tracey Wylde’s case, but was it the right man, and if she, along with the remaining unresolved/unsolved sex worker murders, would receive justice.

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In this episode we chat with former FBI Special Agent, Author of the books Stop The Killing and How To Talk About Guns With Anyone, and co-host of the podcast Stop The Killing. 

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A seemingly ordinary day for Diane Watson, a bright and popular pupil at Whitehill Secondary School in Glasgow, would turn to tragedy following an altercation with a fellow pupil which twisted into a narrative that would shatter her families lives even more.

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Saima Ahmed

Following us attending CrimeCon in London, where we attended many sessions, including one called The Colour of Missing, where we heard Evidence Joel talk about her 19 year old son Richard Okorogheye going missing and her subsequent fight to get the police to recognise that Richard was in fact a high risk missing person, not a low risk as they had categorised it, led us to the case of Saima Ahmed, who went missing in August 2015. It appears that sadly Saima's case very much mirrors Richard’s, indicating that there are still lessons that need to be learnt.

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Great Storytelling
The hosts are thorough and set the scene so well - brilliant storytellers!
Destined for greatness
Just perfect. It's everything I want in a true crime podcast.
Authenticity & Detail
Dawn presents engrossing Scottish true-crime stories with her endearing accent and attention to detail. A must listen for its mysterious, obscure, and antiquated topics that keep you coming back for more. Cheers Dawn and thanks for all your hard work creating this amazing series GJZ
Love this
This podcast is fantastic. If you have a curiosity in murder and some unsolved cases, then this podcast is one to listen too! I have enjoyed listening to this podcast and found that I listened to just about everyone of them. They do a lot of research into the cases that they cover, which makes you want to learn more about the cases.
International - sign me up!
I love international cases and was so glad to find a new true crime podcast that covers some crimes and mysteries that I’ve never heard of. Dawn & Cole are fabulous, the stories are easy to follow and their voices are wonderful. I hope they’ll start finding new listeners popping up here in the states and from all over because I can tell they put a great deal of effort into the show.
Really good
<strong>Great job Ladies</strong> I have been binging this and I love when the two girls are together, they do a great job and make me laugh. Keep it up ladies ❤️❤️❤️