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The stories on this show are captivating and the delivery is hypnotic. Love it, and can’t wait for more!
Jeremy Prevost
Hypnotic and Engaging
I found this podcast through our Twitter group and now I am in love with it. The content is engaging and the delivery is hypnotic. Dive in!
Neatcast Jay
So good!
Just found this podcast! So glad I did! If you like true crime then this is a great podcast to listen to! The hosts keeps you engaged and wanting to listen to more. Check it out!
Love it!
Terrific new true crime podcast that separates itself from the pack with deep research and two charming and compassionate hosts. Even punctuates the darkness with a couple laughs! Worth entering your rotation!
Neatcast Mike
If you are a true crime fan, give this a listen. Dawn and Cole are incredible at explaining the crime, investigation & also the lives of the victims and families. You are drawn into each episode with their outstanding storytelling an amazing Scottish charm.
Zack Derby
I love true crime and Scottish accents, so this podcast is an absolute winner for me! Dawn and Cole bring the listener captivating stories of murder and mayhem with careful research and sensitivity. If you’re a true crime junkie, this podcast needs to be in your regular rotation!
It's always great to listen to a show where you know some of the locations being talked about. The hosts do a great job of empathising with families and being respectful, while giving a lot of detail on each case and remaining entertaining and engaging.
Mr Andrew Muir
I know it’s early in it’s Podlife, but my goodness Cole and Dawn are going to pull me in to Scottish Murders. The style, the delivery and the diligence on and behind the Podcast is of an extremely high quality. An absolute must if you’re a fan of the genre. This Pod has the potential to be incredible. Love it.
When you think of Scotland, you likely think Nessie, Castles and blokes wearing kilts with no undies. Dawn and Cole will change that. Scotland has a much darker side that the Sisters are looking to uncover bi-weekly. A deep-dive in to a different subject every episode sees the girls cover the stories in-depth and with a respect you don’t always see elsewhere. If true crime is your favourite thing, get involved!
100 Things we learned from film podcast
The best new indie on the subject
Like Fizzy juice, deep fried food and everyone’s fave James Bond Scotland does Gruesome murders better than anyone else. The hosts research the subject and put it across in a down to earth, but not disrespectful way. Think Redhanded, but without being plummy and English! You might have to wait two weeks for every new episode, but it’s well worth it! M.
Great work The hosts of this show make it a true winner. The topics are interesting and informative. The research and care taken in preparing the story for listeners is both respectful of the victims and engaging. They interrogate the facts by asking one another pointed question designed to make sense of suspicious story points. I loved listening and I hope you do too. Please listen, rate and subscribe.
The hosts of the show make it a true winner. The topics are both interesting and informative. The research and care taken in preparing the story for listeners is both respectful of the victims and engaging. They interrogate the facts by asking one another pointed questions designed to make sense of suspicious story points. I loved listening and hope you do too. Please listen, rate and subscribe.
Bob Erlenback
I am enjoying the stories ... And to be honest, I really like hearing them say "murder".
Great podcast! I could listen all day and this one will definitely be going into my regular rotation.
What I Had Heard Was
Murder never sounded so good Intriguing stories told in such a soothing manner. I can’t wait to listen to all of the episodes. Will definitely make it in my regular rotation.
S. Medallion
Incredible 10/10 recommend Scottish Murders, the host have such relaxing/easy voices to listen to and the cases they cover are so well researched and done with respect.
Incredible Series If you are a true crime fan, give this a listen. Dawn and Cole are incredible at explaining the crime, investigation & also the lives of the victims and families. You are drawn into each episode with their outstanding storytelling an amazing Scottish charm.
Zack Derby
I had never listened to a True Crime podcast before, but something about this one drew me in. So glad I started listening! Well crafted, detailed, and informative. Their pace and tone are also top notch! And, to be completely honest, I love their accents - these two ladies are natural storytellers! This show is a must listen!
Leo Allen Producer / Host of Voluntary Input
Voluntary Input
Well researched true crime podcast. I like the detail in the storytelling and the focus on the victim, which is sensitively done. Will tune in again!
Engaging and mysterious
Love the narrative style and emotion delivered in the storytelling. Bad things happen everywhere, but the back-story of the victim and the nuance added is the perfect blend. Really enjoying listening.
Dawn & Cole are an absolute dream to listen to! Not only are the true crime stories so interesting, the atmosphere they create whilst telling said stories keeps you coming back for more...not to mention the brilliant insights into Scottish culture and slang (armpit one still our favourite) Truly brilliant listening ;)
Laura Caoimhe Alex
Such A Great Show
One of my favorite shows! These two ladies are natural storytellers - their tone and pace keep you completely immersed in every episode! And each episode is well thought out with thorough attention to detail.
This podcast is an absolute must listen!
Leo J. Allen Jr.
Super! True Crime with great hosts? Yes, please. Scottish Murders is super enjoyable to listen to! Love your chemistry!
Jakub Flasz
Dawn & Cole bring you well thought out & respectful true crime content. You definitely want to hit download for this podcast! - #ODPHpod
Never before did I think it would be possible to fall in love with a podcast, I probably would have told you how crazy of a thought that was. But then these two angelic voiced podcast goddesses came into my life. The way they describe the murders in which they have on topic, well researched and in depth more than I could ever do myself, mixed with sweet voices and absolutely amazing accents, just makes them the best pod out there. 1,000,000,000,000 out of 5 stars, I’ll totally keep listening, these two lovely and amazing ladies have stolen my heart and are forever my newest go to for murder stories ❤️ I recommend to any, and everyone in the universe to listen to them.
I started with the Scottish Witch Trials episode and loved it! The host have a wonderful sense of humor and have great chemistry.
Murder Squared Podcast
A super podcast. The research that goes into each episode is consistently high and each edition is a good listen. Well done all.
Boghead Ben
So good!
Such a great podcast! Beautifully curated episodes, their accents are awesome, and production is always on point! A must listen for anyone who enjoys true crime! - Rae (Rogue Darkness Podcast)
Rogue Darkness
Love love love
Great storytelling…albeit grizzly, but who can resist the accent. Long live Scotland. Janet in PA
Crime Junkie 19
Great show!!!!
I love this podcast. Super well made and easy to listen to!
Taff 79
This is my all time favourite true crime podcast! Well researched full of detail and all done in an empathetic way. Dawn and Cole are amazing hosts, I love their banter and their laughs are infectious. 5 stars all day long for these ladies
Emma & Jacqui
Love your podcast episodes. Listened to all and including today's episodes 🔥🔥🔥
Thoughtful True Crime
I’ve been stuck in New Zealand/Aotearoa the last three years and have loved listening to this podcast for connecting with home. The care and attention given to these awful events shows a real understanding of Scottish culture and respect to those involved.

As a Dundee wane, I’d love to hear some Dundee stories, as they’re at many I remember growing up that I wish I knew the whole story instead of vague childhood memories of newspaper headlines.
Mhairi :)
Dawn and Cole had me at the accent! OMG! LOVE THEM. Pithy, the attention they give to unsolved murders is so important, as well as remembering the victims of the solved cases. Such a great balance of information, respect, and keeping it captivating. Great job!
Murder Shelf Book Club
Love hearing cases that I'm not familiar with. Dawn and Cole do a great job sharing cases from their homeland.
WDST Podcast
I love this show so much. I enjoy learning about cases in other parts of the world, and Scotland has always held a special place in my heart. Hearing these sisters discuss a mix of lesser and more well known cases is a great addition to my podcast rotation. Highly recommend.
Had me at the accent!
I love this podcast! Dawn and Cole keep me engaged, true crime at its finest!
Scottish Murders
I love this podcast. I was delighted to find a Scottish True Crime podcast being from Glasgow myself it feels a bit more at home, the narrator is perfect her voice is lovely. I’m looking forward to catching up with every episode.
Really enjoy
A really nice podcast that takes you someplace different. Scotland is my favorite place to visit and this podcast takes me on a new and different journey to the nation. The presenter’s don’t over dramatize just present the facts. They take their task of presenting seriously and don’t over humor their way through. The voices are charming. I recommend starting at the beginning of the series. It is an excellent listen.
Amazing podcast! Love that every case is a new one to me. So well done!
True Stories, Artfully Presented
As Romans 12:21 reminds us, we should overcome the evil in the world with good. Keeping the memory alive of those who have been slain is one such good, and the Scottish Murders podcast does this well. The true stories of tragic murders affecting Scots or people in Scotland are sensitively and accurately relayed, without sensationalism or disrespect. Thoroughly researched compelling storytelling!
Great listen!
Dawn & Cole make this Scottish Crime podcast a fun and interesting listen. Not bad qualities considering some of the grim facts of the cases covered. I’ve started at the beginning and am making my way through. Well done!
Nanc Y
A brilliant podcast, hosted by Dawn who has such a great 'radio' voice. Each episode is thoroughly researched and is a great listen.
Love true crime podcasts and found this a few months ago. Had to leave a review after catching up with all the episodes.
Irn bru and crime That’s what I’m talking about!
team CourtNate and Anna Banana
Enjoy listening to crimes that aren’t well known and only from the USA. You can tell the host wants to deliver concise information about every case
Excellent storytelling, wonderful voices, well researched. One of my favorites! Much love from a California Urquhart ♥️
Bee Kimura
Amazing Podcast
Dawn has a lovely accent and she tells these sad cases with great respect. U can tell she really does her research as the episodes have so much detail. Would definitely recommend giving Scottish Murders a listen!
Gill (Crime Divers)
FANTASTIC CRIME PODCAST Great voices, research and well produced
This eerie podcast had me on edge throughout! Packed full of interesting details keeping you feeling uneasy but unable to stop listening
What is…?
Excellent podcast
An excellent podcast on a fascinating subject manner. Digs deep into chilling cases down the years
Well researched podcast on lots of murders I’ve not heard of. Would recommend!
Amazing podcast & host!
Absolutely love this podcast and the host Dawn. Each case is so heavily researched, you can tell Dawn is passionate about what she’s talking about and manages to do it effortlessly and respectfully despite the sometimes dark subject matter. A must if you love true crime!
Stephanie Tyre
An excellent surprise find
I’ve only just stumbled on this podcast in the last few days and I’m so very glad I did ! It’s an absolute gem and obviously covers Scottish murders, but it’s the variety that’s exciting. I’ve barely heard of many of them, and as a True Crime fan it’s wonderful to find more niche murders that you never knew happened. It’s a great service to the victims and their families and friends to have their stories covered with such empathy and compassion, but also with only known fact’s stated instead of conjecture. It covers both recent and historical murders which is again another massive plus point. The 2 presenters are fab, funny and kind, and they’re doing a great job. Please give this a listen as it’s completely worth your time..
Dawn is awesome, as is her podcast. Please never stop. Loving the work you’re doing.
Fee :)
There’s Been A Murder…
One of the finest true crime podcasts around.
Ali Braidwood
Excellent show for Scottish true crime fans!
As a kid growing up in Scotland, there was always news of horrible murders that had taken place, and how they had come to pass. As someone who, for a while, studied what makes normal people do bad things, and being Scottish myself, this show is a great way for me to catch up on these murders, now I’m no longer in Scotland. Good stuff!
Well Infomed slice of Scottish Murder
This podcast is an absolute gem! I’m a big fan of murder and serial killer podcasts, but this Scottish focused podcast is one of my absolute favourites. Dawn is so well researched and educated in each topic she covers, that it’s wonderful to discover facts about a case you thought you knew all about. I’m from Aberdeen and Dawn’s information own the Arlene Fraser and George Murdoch cases amazed me about facts I had no idea about. A huge recommendation and the Bible John episodes are particular highlights. Fantastic Scottish intro music too!
Authenticity & Detail
Dawn presents engrossing Scottish true-crime stories with her endearing accent and attention to detail. A must listen for its mysterious, obscure, and antiquated topics that keep you coming back for more. Cheers Dawn and thanks for all your hard work creating this amazing series GJZ
Love this
This podcast is fantastic. If you have a curiosity in murder and some unsolved cases, then this podcast is one to listen too! I have enjoyed listening to this podcast and found that I listened to just about everyone of them. They do a lot of research into the cases that they cover, which makes you want to learn more about the cases.
International - sign me up!
I love international cases and was so glad to find a new true crime podcast that covers some crimes and mysteries that I’ve never heard of. Dawn & Cole are fabulous, the stories are easy to follow and their voices are wonderful. I hope they’ll start finding new listeners popping up here in the states and from all over because I can tell they put a great deal of effort into the show.
Great job Ladies
I have been binging this and I love when the two girls are together, they do a great job and make me laugh. Keep it up ladies ❤️❤️❤️
Great Storytelling
The hosts are thorough and set the scene so well - brilliant storytellers!
Destined for greatness
Just perfect. It's everything I want in a true crime podcast.
Really good
Love it!
Scottish Murders is a fantastic show that does its research! A must listen!
Found the Gold
I'm always looking for international cases and I hit gold with this podcast. So many cases are something I have never heard before. I love it!
Murder & Mimosas
Dawn always picks great cases and presents them well…if you like a Scottish accent you will love this podcast
footie i man