Miscarriages of Justice


Miscarriages of Justice – Raymond Gilmour

16 year old Pamela Hastie was brutally murdered in 1981. 26 years later her alleged killer had his conviction quashed. Was Pamela’s real killer…

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Miscarriages of Justice – Interview with Euan and Cathy from MOJO

In this episode Euan and Cathy talk about MOJO, what their roles are at MOJO, what the aim of MOJO is, what led to them working there, about their…

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Miscarriages of Justice – Stuart Gair

Stuart found himself in prison for a crime he did not commit, but he refused to accept this and fought hard against his miscarriage of justice. But…

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You Call This Justice?

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The Death of Justice: Guilty Until Proven Innocent: Amazon.co.uk: Michael O’Brien, Greg Lewis: 9781847710482: Books

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Stand Against Injustice: The Untold Story of the Family of Barry George, Wrongly Convicted for the Murder of Jill Dando: Amazon.co.uk: Michelle Diskin Bates: 9781910786246: Books

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