Scottish Collaboration Ghost Hunt Episode with Scottish & Scared and The Scottish Ghost Company

Episode Summary

Scottish Collaboration Presents A ghost hunt with Stefanie from Scottish & Scared and The Scottish Ghost Company at Bannockburn House

Please Be Advised – This episode may contain content that some may find distressing. As always, we advise listener discretion. This episode it not suitable for anyone under the age of 13.

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SHOW NOTES: Special Thank You to Stefanie from Scottish & Scared for helping me organise this event, and to David and Yvonne from The Scottish Ghost Company for hosting this event for us.    CONTACT Scottish & Scared: Instagram – @scottishandscaredpod Spotify –   CONTACT The Scottish Ghost Company: Website – Home | The Scottish Ghost Company Instagram – @thescottishghostcompany Facebook – YouTube – @thescottishghostcompanytsg550