Fantastic Fan Feedback!

We have received some amazing five star reviews, which you can find on our support page, from listeners of our podcast. Here are just a few of these reviews;


“If you are a true crime fan, give this a listen. Dawn and Cole are incredible at explaining the crime, investigation & also the lives of the victims and families. You are drawn into each episode with their outstanding storytelling an amazing Scottish charm.” – by Zack Derby.

“It’s always great to listen to a show where you know some of the locations being talked about. The hosts do a great job of empathising with families and being respectful, while giving a lot of detail on each case and remaining entertaining and engaging.” – by Dr Andrew Muir.

“Murder never sounded so good. Intriguing stories told in such a soothing manner. I can’t wait to listen to all of the episodes. Will definitely make it in my regular rotation.” – by S. Medallion.


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