Interview with Best Selling Scottish Author
Denzil Meyrick

Episode Summary

In a change to our normal episode, this week we chat with bestselling Scottish author Denzil Meyrick about his latest book, No Sweet Sorrow, and his DCI Daley series of books thus far and what’s coming up, and much more.

Please Be Advised – This episode may contain content that some may find distressing. As always, we advise listener discretion. This episode it not suitable for anyone under the age of 13.

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No Sweet Sorrow

by Denzil Meyrick


A potent new drug has hit the streets of Kinloch, and DCI Daley and Scott are struggling to catch the notorious gang behind this evil trade.

After a party of Oxford students arrives in town for a camping trip before a Himalayan expedition, one of the group seeks out an illegal high and is violently assaulted. However, these students are well connected, and this brings further unexpected problems for Daley. Ultimately, he and Scott will discover crimes as disturbing in nature as anything they have ever confronted.

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