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Trigger Warning Wee Ones – This story may be upsetting and does contain crimes targeting children and child abuse, so listener discretion is advised.


One wee girl’s trip to the corner shop and another wee boy’s passion for pigeons, would result in heartache for two Aberdonian families. 

Please Be Advised – This episode may contain content that some may find distressing. As always, we advise listener discretion. This episode it not suitable for anyone under the age of 13.

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Blood and Granite: True Crime from Aberdeen

by Norman Adams


Blood and Granite is a chronicle of the most notorious homicides committed in Aberdeen over the last hundred years. Written by Norman Adams, a journalist who reported on many of the chilling crimes he now recalls so vividly, it is compelling reading for those who are too young to remember – and those who cannot forget. All are human tragedies from the dark side of life, including:

  • The grudge that ended in death in an East End pub when butcher James Harrow brutally stabbed two workmates in 1901.
  • The grisly discovery of a woman’s arm on the Torry shore in 1945 that signalled the start of a mystery which to this day remains unsolved.
  • The tragic love affair that led to the gallows in 1963 – the first hanging in Aberdeen for 106 years.
  • The double life of brilliant scientist Dr Brenda Page of Aberdeen University, battered to death in her flat in 1978. Her murder remains unsolved.

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Produced and Edited by Dawn Young and Peter Bull

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