Shine a Light on Podcasts – October and November

Each Friday in October and November on Twitter we have featured other podcasts that we wanted to #shinealighton. We really enjoy listening to these podcasts, and we’d like to share these featured podcasts here too.

Drunk Theory is hosted by Kara, Kelli, Ryan and Matthew, where every two weeks they talk about conspiracy theories while enjoying a drunk, or two.

Irish Spirits is hosted by Caoimhe, Laura and Alex, where every two weeks the trio bring you an Irish tale about ghosts, fairies or mythical creatures, while drinking a themed cocktail.

Indie Podcaster is hosted by Jeff, where in each episode inspirational guests are interviewed, allowing the listener to find out more about them and their story.

One Nation Under Crime is hosted by Kayla and Leah, where each week the ladies present well told and researched true crime episodes from each year, starting from 1800.

She Will Rock You is hosted by Leah and Bethanne, who aim to teach you more about artists and bands you already know, some you may not, and some you need to know, and give you a deeper appreciation of them.

FilmFloggers is hosted by Ben, Fiona and Tom, who review or flog some fantastic films in a funny and interesting way.

Reverie is hosted by Paige, who each week draws you in to the true crime cases she researches so well and covers so respectfully and empathetically with her silky, smooth voice.

Baby Pod is hosted by SweatyNutz and Ballsak, who talk about different conspiracy theories and try to uncover what the truth is, all while trying to make you laugh. Can be slightly risqué at times.

The Short Shorts is hosted by Jonas, where each episode is a fictional, historical, true crime or real life story, or a poem, between 2 and 16 minutes in length. Perfect for those looking for a succinct, well told, always interesting short story, and you might even recognise one of the voices, as Dawn’s just recorded an episode.