Scottish Collaboration

Monday 5th December to Sunday 11th December 2022

Join us 5th to 11th December 2022 where a number of Scottish collaborators will come together, and you might just discover your next big obsession.

A variety of Scottish podcasts, small businesses, magazines and more have come together for an exciting event that will take place for a week in December 2022. These participants will be working together to showcase some absolutely fantastic Scottish content and products that you really need to know about.


Scots Whay Hae!

Scots Whay Hae! is the place to discuss modern Scottish Culture whatever and wherever that may be.

Arts and Entertainment

Jim & Pat’s Glasgow West End Chat

A Podcast by Jim & Pat Byrne about everything related to Glasgow West End. Interviews, what’s on, reviews, guests and anything else you can think of.


What is…?

What is…? A fun podcast where we pick literally anything and have some fun! Join us on our adventure to discover…what is…?

Comedy/Comedy Interviews/Impro

Wrong Term Memory

A podcast from Scotland covering individual topics each week –  The 1990s, True Crime, History, Music, Sport and a range of other topics as well.  Jack and Colin usually laugh at the internet and the things they have found interesting while they were on… the internet. Wrong Term Memory is an original production from Glasgower.


Scottish & Scared Podcast

Discusses all things Scottish and sometimes scary.

Education/Society & Culture/Philosophy/Self-Improvement

The Little Pod of Inspiration

Life moves pretty fast and, in this always-on-the-go world that we find ourselves in, it’s becoming ever-harder to pause and reflect on what we see.
Yet, if we don’t, we miss the opportunity to experience the things that could truly change our lives.
The Little Pod of Inspiration aims to be that opportunity to stop and savour not only the events around us, but the people, the experiences, the sights and sounds.
Through these inspiring stories and poems of love, redemption, and change, take a moment to really see all the inspirational treasures that are present.
Inspiration is all around us. All we have to do is look.


What A Manoeuvre

90s wrestling – Join wrestling fanatics Simon and Kev as they discuss the glory days of pro wrestling, reviewing old shows, the stars and the events that shaped the era. They’ll dip in and critique the current product and with your help the burning questions worth answering! An original production from Glasgower.



Chatsunami is a casual chat between friends about a variety of topics from gaming and films to anime and general interests. We also interview fellow content creators!

Music/Music History/Music Interviews

Quite The Music

Gary Morris is joined for a new monthly series by a host of well-known guest pop stars to talk through their careers in the pop industry. An original production from Glasgower.

Society and Culture

2 Pint of Bru and a Chocolate Crispie

Fortnightly podcast discussing various topics; highs, lows and life’s blows!

Scottish Memories

Talks to lots of different Scottish personalities, about growing up in Scotland, theirs favourite memories, places to visit and tips if you are thinking of visiting.

Society and Culture/Personal Journals

Everything Coincidental

Welcome to the Everything Coincidental Podcast! A paranormal and synchronistic podcast hosted by Abi and Fee.
It’s no coincidence that you’ve found us!
Follow our page @Everything_Coincidental over on Instagram and DM us with any synchronicities, “coincidences”, information on cryptozoology and/or other paranormal/spiritual experiences that you’ve had!

Society and Culture/Places and Travel

Simply Scottish

Scottish history and culture with a mix of traditional and modern Scottish music. Take a virtual trip to Scotland on every episode!


Scottish Wrestling Network

Interviewing the new faces and veterans of the Scottish wrestling scene with some bonuses thrown in for good measure.

Technology/News/Tech News

Pod Chat

You love podcasting. It doesn’t matter if you’re a listener or podcaster yourself, when it comes to podcasting you’re all in! Not only that, but you get excited hearing about all the cool things happening in the podcast space.
Great – Pod Chat is the show for you! From the latest tech and cool innovations, to the people driving the podcast industry forward, host Danny Brown has you covered.
Listen in as Danny takes you behind the scenes of what’s new in podcasting, what needs to be new, and who’s going to make it happen.
Released bi-weekly and available on all your favourite podcast apps, make Pod Chat your new favourite show when it comes to getting your podcasting fix!

True Crime

Crime Divers Podcast

Join two Scottish sisters as they dive into true crime.

Mums Mysteries & Murder

Two Mums who are obsessed with true crime and mysterious happenings  in Scotland & Australia.

Scottish Murders Podcast

Dedicated to solved and unsolved murders carried out in Scotland or murders of Scottish people.

Which Murderer

Which Murderer talks about the methods, motives and background to murderers and their victims, covering two crimes per episode and debating from the victim’s perspective which murderer we would pick to kill us if we HAD to choose.

TV and Film

Cult Connections

Cult Connections is the podcast that finds the links between all kinds of film, TV, books and more. From cult classics to major blockbusters we have everything covered.

TV and Film/News/News Commentary

The Culture Swally

Celebrating the best of Scottish film and TV shows. Each episode takes a look at some bizarre and funny news stories from Scotland and review one of our favourite Scottish films and TV shows.

Discover Scotland

Discover Scotland magazine, the world’s only FREE magazine about all things Scottish.

Every month the multimedia magazine combines words and pictures with video and audio to give an ever-increasing audience of readers in over 120 countries a taste of Scotland.

We provide an international audience with comprehensive coverage of modern day Scotland, its people, achievements, culture, history and customs.

The Scottish Banner

The Scottish Banner is the Scottish community’s largest international newspaper for ex-pat Scots or those with an interest in Scottish culture and tradition.

Available nationally across Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the USA and by world-wide subscription service, the Scottish Banner offers its readers stories on Scottish current affairs, regular feature columnists, history & heritage, genealogy, Scottish club & society news, event listings, piping features, recipes, and much more.

With writers and contributors based all over the world the Scottish Banner gives its readers a true insight into the global Scottish perspective.

Adventures Around Scotland

​Join me, Susanne, as I explore beyond the usual tourist spots to show you a different side of Scotland.

Scotland is a small country but it is packed with amazing places and attractions which means putting a trip together can soon become overwhelming. You might be at the very start of your planning journey and unsure of the best places to visit that fit with your interests and time, or you might have put together your own itinerary and want to check if it is realistic. Maybe you just have some general questions about the practicalities of travelling in Scotland.

Whatever stage you are at, you can tap into my extensive local knowledge and travel expertise during a one-to-one video call. I’ll help you with any concerns or dilemmas you are experiencing and share advice and tips gained from decades of travelling around Scotland.

Barrie Mulligan Photography

Barrie is a multi-published photographer and videographer based in Central Scotland. The art of creating a great visual representation of people’s character is his passion and addiction.

Barrie is incredibly proud to be a certified professional which is recognised by The Master Photographers Association (The MPA). In striving to improve himself he has affiliated himself with The Societies of Photographers. Both of these associations allow Barrie and others to be critiqued and mentored by some of the industries best photographers, which is part of his continued development. Another part of Barrie’s continued development is his work in videography and filmmaking, and he has projects in the pipeline that are in the planning stages currently.

Hustle – Gym Life

Hustle is a fully equipped gym, offering group classes, personal training and training programs. It also offers help with transformations and nutrition for a complete gym life.

Hustle is the only controllable pillar of success.

Spellbound Caithness

Spellbound Caithness is a unique and quirky online gift store, based beyond the Scottish Highlands.

We stock ethically sourced and handmade gifts.

Products are updated on a daily basis.

Spellbound Caithness products are beautifully crafted with the highest quality materials.

The Scottish Ghost Company

The Scottish Ghost Company is the  best ghost events company in Scotland. With over 80 years of experience in the field of paranormal research and ghost tours, we boast some of the UK’s best known names in the business, such as the incredible Tech Guru Mr Roy Woolrich; National Trust Ghost Walker and infamous Lady in Black – our Historian is the sensational  Mrs Shiela Walsh; and well known Scottish Medium, with over 16 years experience in the supernatural and paranormal events is Mr David McCabe.

With 22 members of highly experienced crew working with us , we are sure that we will be able to get things to go ‘bump  in the night ‘on our events .

Terrible Music

Comedy Music Duo from the West of Scotland, here to make you laugh with our Terrible Music for your ear holes!